Thursday, January 23, 2014

Romantic Antike and antique ribbon

Almost gone

Flowers for Ann with Romantic Antike garden roses, California anemones, Japanese Sweet Pea and White Majolika spray roses.

Mirror image

The last of the vintage ribbon is slowly unraveling toward its end.  I use it for  arrangements to dear old customers who will understand how special it is.

This winter is harsh, but we try to stay warm in the shop in spite of the lack of insulation and all the old single pane glass in the front .  The power went off on Tuesday for five hours.  I could see my breath and I prayed that NStar could fix the problem before I had to leave the rabbits in the cold for the night.

I burned candles.  Eight of them.  I rigged up a flower pot heater:  one  terra cotta pot upside down on another one with a tea light burning inside: in an hour I had a hand warmer.  To make a real difference, I needed much bigger pots and more candles: still, it was a welcome warmth for my fingers.

The power went on at 2:00 and I cranked the heat and said prayers of gratitude.  Rabbits were fine.  

Winter:  4 degrees this morning.  Harsh.  Stay warm All


flwrjane said...

God. We would have gone home. Much more stoic up East.

Frigid. Cold just writing the word.

Making mint tea.

Glad your power returned.

This is like an O Pioneer winter.

xo J

Jen said...

Dreamy flowers --those Antike roses are gorgeous.

Good improvising with the candles. Were you a girl scout?

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

Oh my goodness... The thought of no power for several hours in the cold has me shivering! You were very "Macgyverish" making your flowerpot hand warmer! The thought of those sweet bunnies being cold ...unthinkable. The flowers and ribbon are swoon-worthy!

marlowe said...

Clever girl! I'm spending most of my "free" time on the web looking at pictures of California - to feed my nostalgia and make me wonder what I'm doing here. You? Dreams of new climates?

cedarmerefarm said...

Wow, that did not sound pleasant! You are very resourceful. Good for you. Your arrangement is so beautiful and sweet, as always!

An Urban Cottage said...

Do you know why the power was off? That wasn't even the day of the non-storm, was it?

Amelia said...

Those beautiful flowers can warm anything up. The winter of our discontent!

rachel said...

That's exactly the sort of posy I would LOVE to be given! The flowers in this end-of-the-road town are just dire at the moment.

Won't Spring be extra welcome this year?

Unknown said...

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