Monday, February 3, 2014

Colors that soothe

My sister-in-law was visiting this weekend from Los Angeles and asked "why is everything brown in your backyard"?  I almost spit out my coffee.  Isn't it obvious?  But no, when she's visited before in the winter, the ground and trees have been covered with snow and bright evergreens providing a pretty scene of contrast. It never really occurred to her that beneath that fluffy blanket, everything lies dead or dormant.

 When there is no snow, the yards and lots of Boston look more grim than any winter desert in California, mostly because of rotting leaves, mounds of mud and dead tree limbs, all presenting the same dreary brown.

My sister-in-law is here for a sudden death in her son-in-law's family.  They've asked for 'blue and wild - not fussy or formal".  The prettiest flowers this morning were lavender and cream.  I bought lots of these colors and used them for everything we did today: get well, sympathy.  It was that kind of day.


Rubye Jack said...

These are all so lovely. Flowers make such a difference during hard times.

Amelia said...

Those are lovely and soothing, I'm sure very much appreciated. You don't have snow? We're buried in it. I had figured if we're having a New England winter then you're having a Canadian one. Guess not. Good.

Jen said...

So calm and lovely. Oh, those sweet peas!
I miss your flowers. Need to get some soon.

flwrjane said...

Number 2 please.

Luckily it was fairly warm here or we would be buried under snow.

Much rain instead.

I have snowdrops in the garden.

A little patch of hope.

xo J

An Urban Cottage said...

When I was out in Lexington with some friends last weekend, one of them commented how brown the lawns looked. I think we noticed it more because we don't have too many lawns at all in the city. I never thought about how our landscape might look to someone that doesn't live here.

I love the second one, too.

webb said...

So pretty and peaceful. Can't think of anything nicer ... even for a funeral.

I think your snow situation may change soon - like today!

cedarmerefarm said...

The flowers are very sweet and soothing. The colors are just perfect for the sad event.

Unknown said...

That is really a soothing arrangement of flowers, they are lovely. You know, I‘ve never used to think much of cut flowers, but your arrangements really do set themselves apart. I don't know how you do it, but even I can see the skill and talent you put into it.

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