Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day flowers from Somerville

It's here.  Tomorrow morning when I get to the shop with a car load of flowers. there will be a pile of boxes filled with more flowers inside the shop waiting for us.

Lights will be flipped on, the water in the kettle set to boil, messages picked up, buckets filled with fresh water, clippers and knives layed out and the preparation for Valentine's Day will continue.

Last week our handmade cards arrived from Yessil in Brooklyn, vases were delivered, new lace curtains hemmed and hung and a few samples of arrangements set into the window.

Sweet pea, garden roses, red roses, white majolika roses in a peony vase: 

Dozen red roses arranged with ivy, fern and black berries:

Garden roses, anemone, ranunculus, sweet pea, raspberries, poppy, ivy:

We'll have wild flower with roses bouquets in Ball jars, single red and colored roses, and of course, we'll help you put together your own special design.


cedarmerefarm said...

Beautiful selections, beautiful arrangements. Happy arranging this week (probably too busy to be fun?).

Jen said...

I feel like a kid looking in the candy store window.

An Urban Cottage said...

Sweet peas...ahhhh.

Good luck this week.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Gorgeous looking flowers! Valentine's Day has a long, long way to go over here before it would be even half as crazy as your sounds. I hope it's busy but not too stressful! x

Bee Haven Bev said...

Oh, what a fun job! How I wish I had flowers blooming....but we must wait a few months. I guess this is about your busiest week of the year? Hang in there!

Falls Flowers said...

I miss you!!! That's all. xoxoxoxo