Sunday, February 23, 2014

Will this EVER happen again?

Fifty six degrees with five inches of snow still in the backyard.  Can't complain about the soft air today, but the cold is coming back tomorrow and Spring looks a long way off.

I loved everyone's comments - you were so candid!

My theory is that a good percentage of women are complimented by a dozen red roses arranged, but would rather receive a romantic mix. My poll was very small, it's true, but we had a nice demographic mix that helped me decide that next Valentine's Day we'll offer mixed arrangements with red roses but no more dozens.

"Hurry Spring.  Hurry fast".


Jen said...

I think you're right about the flowers--despite my vote that's what I'd prefer. Something pretty. Roses mixed with sweet peas are wonderful, it was the colors that edged me the other way.

Crazy weather--I went food shopping in sweater and flats, and had to wear high boots to put out bird seed.

flwrjane said...

we were so teased my last weekends weather. 65 on sunday, than 6 inches of snow on tuesday. perhaps i exaggerate. but no warmth in sight.

i'm venturing out today and have no idea how i will be able to wrap up warmly enough.

ah the problems of being a shut in in winter.

xo j

marlowe said...

We are off to CA in a few weeks -- hope to soak up enough warmth to through to New England spring weather! Miss you!