Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally giving in..

…to Facebook.  I've been a curmudgeon about it since people started posting very unflattering photos of me on my personal page,  I know, it's a kind of vanity: different from wanting your photo plastered everywhere, photo bombing or posting just the right pic of yourself.  I'll own up to it, but I didn't like it all the same and was too lazy to do anything about it.  

So I've deleted my personal page and with the help of Meighan O'Toole: Facebook Officienado, I now have a page for Bow Street. "post twice a day" she says to keep the page updated and fresh. Oy.

So I've decided our first post of the morning will be a photo of what we've brought in for the day.  Last post will be whatever. I am a reluctant Marketer but since we've cut our regular hours I'd like folks to know we're  still here with extraordinary flowers to sell, Saipua soaps and cards for most occasions.  And of course the rabbits are still hopping around.

The Japanese and French ranunculus are show stoppers. They're gigantic, long lasting and very expensive.  But my favorite flowers come from California and Israel where they are grown outdoors in real sunshine and fresh air.

They open - most of them anyway.  These are from Israel.  California will start up soon, although not sure what effect the drought has had on the crop.   I love the wind split petals, the delicate stems and the  uneven coloring in some varieties.

Brought in an armload today. And they're not expensive: 1.85 a stem. (France and Japan: 9.00 ).

ALSO…. want to tell you all that our friends at Pod, formally of Brookline Village, are opening this Thursday, March 20 as Pod and Shop Fog Linen at 35 Sacramento Street in Cambridge.  We're neighbors!  The opening will, among other things, feature Spring bouquets from Bow Street.  We're so excited the shop is open again!  Hours are 11:00 am to 6 pm.


Rubye Jack said...

What beautiful flowers these are!

I understand the need for businesses to be on FB but selfishly wish they'd also use blogs since I don't subscribe to FB. If you don't subscribe, you can't see anything.

webb said...

Your ranucs are wonderful. For reasons I do not understand the florists here do not buy them! Aargh! I would kill for some to bring home.

Jen said...

I totally understand. I've never had a personal fb page, though I did have one briefly for the store before I closed. As for what Rubye said, non-FB'ers can see a fb business page. I think once a day would be fine. I like the idea of seeing what you've brought in for the day. Check out the fb page of Seed to Stem in Worcester.

Remind me to stop by Pod next time I come for flowers. (Next week?)