Sunday, April 13, 2014

Squirrel Girl

Because Addie had been surrendered twice in her nine months when we adopted her, I arranged for our friend Sofi to stay with her while we were away in California, instead of kenneling her. 

Addie could sleep cozy in our bed (with Sofi), play with her best friend Murph and feel comfy at home.

Sofi is a photographer and when we came home, she emailed a portrait of Addie to us.  

Doesn't she look stately and mature?  Well mannered?  Well, you're looking into the eyes of a highly focused Squirrel and Cat Juggernaut.  I think we can deconstruct her DNA and find a Sight Hound lurking within that double helix.

Every morning she steps onto the back porch in a crouching position and freezes until she sees movement at the back fence where the squirrels gather what they gather.

The good news is that she can't catch them.  And her first cat chase ended with the cat turning to face her, ready for a spat.  Addie stopped in her tracks and barked until the cat sauntered away.

So, really, she's just a Game Girl and not a serious predator.  But the squirrels don't know it.  Maybe I could actually have an unmolested bird feeder in my back yard now!

Thank you Sofi for the beautiful portrait of my sweet girl.


An Urban Cottage said...

That really is a wonderful photo. I love the crossed paws. She seems so distinguished.

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

What wonderful pet-parents for Addie...thinking of her stability and comfort while you were away! Such a lovely, regal pose for the Queen of the castle and surrounding turf! Anyone who can keep the squirrels at bay should be afforded every consideration!

Jen said...

Love her intelligent and kindly look, the crossed paws, those ears--what a gal! Great portrait (that bit of orange in the background is really nice.)

So nice of you to let her stay home--that makes a big difference.

Rubye Jack said...

Those eyes are incredible. What a cutie! You can see she is such a great dog.

Unknown said...

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Amelia said...

Oh, she's beautiful, what a sweet face. And quite the poser too. Wish I had someone to take care of Max when we're away. Lucky girl.

flwrjane said...

Bet she was over the moon when you came home.

As over the moon as you were to see her.

I'm not so sure the kittens would like to meet her tho...but they'd like a crack at your squirrels.

She's a beauty.

xo J

Lori Skoog said...

What a spectacular portrait!

rachel said...

An intelligent-looking girl, and comes in soft-furnishing colours too!