Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why it's all worth it

I was leaving Wholefoods a few weeks ago and someone called my name.  It was Alison, last December's Bride at Alden Castle in Brookline.  She had just received her wedding photos and wanted to show them to me.  As an introvert, I have to try hard to switch gears when I'm lost in thought, especially at the supermarket, but it was worth the effort.  Alison was so enthusiastic and sweet, I was easily drawn in and the photos were beautiful.  And SHE was beautiful.  Thanks, Alison.  I'm so happy you loved your flowers.

The following photos are all by © Henry + Mac .  Many thanks for sharing them with me.

And thanks to the staff at Alden Castle who put the tall pieces in place for us.


Jen said...

That's so sweet. And the flowers are gorgeous!

rachel said...

Not surprised that she loved her flowers. Who wouldn't?

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

That's so lovely, and oh my goodness, the stunning colours in that bouquet. So very beautiful. x