Saturday, May 24, 2014

This month

Habitat: my iPhone photo

Habitat - most spectacular magnolia for ceremony backdrop.

The last of the ranunculus

Private street in Newton

Raiding the hay dispenser

Could not get a good photo of this color

Mantle of rescued toys

Every year with no help from me.


Molly said...

Hi Shelley!

Li just posted a bunch of photos from the wedding and a few show off the beautiful bouquets, the tables, the arch, and the larger wreath!

Looking through them reminds me of how GORGEOUS all of the flowers were, they could not have been any more perfect!

Jen said...

That centerpiece looks spectacular. I'm going to look at Molly's link--hope there are more pictures of it. The picture with the bleeding hearts (is that a horse?) is lovely. Sweet bunny and animals--all very you. xo

Amelia said...

I don't know what the color is supposed to be but the one that's coming through is spectacular, so is every single photo.

Beautiful Moscow said...

I love you blog! It always gives such a calm and peaceful feeling compared to everything taking place in the world! This post is again beautiful! Especially the table decor. Thank you!

Shelley said...

Welcome Beautiful Moscow! Thanks for your sweet comment.

An Urban Cottage said...

Your peonies are in bloom?

flwrjane said...

Teach me to stay off the computer for the weekend.

You make a month of hard work look serene and beautiful.

xo J

rachel said...

Ooooh, rabbit! Lovely rabbit!!

marlowe said...

Hello, you!
Missing your lovely face. We have been the hostel for many family and friends lately -- still have visitors from CZ, but hope to have a quiet summer. Looking for a partner for some adventure?