Sunday, November 30, 2014

A holiday tour at Bow Street Flowers

It's Sunday and I've spent the afternoon tidying up at the shop, opening Christmas and Holiday bins - getting a late start it seems by the looks of the world around us.

Here's a little tour of the shop.

Small Tatine candles in three scents:  Kensington Gardens, Love That Burns and Swarm of Bees.
We also carry the standard original Tatine candle in Wood Smoke, Honeysuckle, Neroli and Geranium Bourbon

 Hand made ornaments from Yessil in Brooklyn.

Venetian Harlequin ornaments

Small gifts.  A pair of French Opaline vases.

Paperwhites in vintage bowls with vintage English ribbon and pinecones.

Fragrant hostess gifts.

Quince, pine needles, wild rose hips, cones and each one has a leaf ornament tucked in.

We've decided to make wreaths this year and it's gotten a bit out of control!   Next Sunday, the 7th they'll be at Pod located not far from us on Oxford Street in Cambridge.  If you've never been to Pod, you have a treat in waiting in your future.  My go-to for gifts - and they mail purchases for you!!!

Amaryllis coming in, hopefully Twinkle orchids too:  all set up as presents!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wedding at the Boston Public Library

Our last wedding of the year was at the Boston Public Library.  Mary and Daniel were married at All Saints Episcopal Church in Brookline.  Mary wore her Grandmother's gown:  it's a style for the ages, especially this one.  Her Mother wore it too.  

The Bridesmaids wore blue. The Maid of Honor's dress mirrored the style of Mary's gown.

View from the hallway at the entrance to the library.

Dinner table with Bridesmaids' bouquets over the mantle.


Next post all about the holidays!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Carlos Thomas was my web designer.  Ten years ago, he was just out of school and I had just purchased the shop from my predecessor.  He built my first website and then rebuilt it a few years ago.

Carlos got married, had two babies, bought a two family house an hour from Boston and built his business.  He loved his family, his community and beautiful flowers.

Before he died last week, Carlos told his wife La Neia that he wanted us to do the flowers for his memorial service.  He didn't want funeral flowers:  he wanted wedding flowers.

I've never known a sweeter, gentler person than Carlos.  It won't be the same in my world without him.