Monday, January 12, 2015

Amaryllis plant Give-Away

We're starting the new year off with a plant give-away.  We have eight amaryllis plants in a few colors that have at least one unopened stalk - some with flowers, some without.

To snag one of these beauties (bulbs from South Africa) just give the shop a call (617 492 0080) and give us your name and phone number and we'll hold one for you. Or email with the same info.

These bulbs can be nurtured and saved until next year when they'll bloom again.


Jen said...

Nice offer!
Okay, I just glanced at the little "I'm not a robot" thingie below, and read "I'm not a rabbit".

laustan said...

Actually, the previous winter when Terrain offered them available to be purchased, the globules sold out so quick we couldn't get our hands on any. So this year we requested that Terrain please put some waxed amaryllis globules aside uncommonly for our readers–and we're excited to commence the Christmas season right on time with a giveaway challenge.

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