Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogger friends, roses and Valentine's Day

One of the unforeseen benefits of starting a blog has been the surprise of friendships with 

men and women around the world. I've met four of them in person.

One such friend lives near Boston.  If you aren't familiar with Country Weekend, check it 

out.  Jen travels lovingly, reads voraciously, paints, writes and shares all of it with us.

She gifted me with a piece from a painting series she's been working on: a rose against a 

blue background. 

Last week I saw a David Austin rose called Carey that could have been the model for Jen's 


It's a big, blowzy cupped roses that I'd never seen before and it's on my order list for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year.  February 14th. 

Thank you Jen - who would have imagined I'd find a rose almost as lovely as yours!


flwrjane said...

Que Bonita. Just perfect really.

I'm one of the lucky four who has gotten to meet you. And I treasure d every moment of our time together, not to mention the lobster roll.

Jen and Amelia better be up next or I'm packing up the I kitties and heading East.

Xo J

Amelia said...

Uncanny! Beautiful rose for a beautiful painting and a challenge from Jane! Hmmm, time to plan something maybe :)

Jen said...

Oh Shelley, that's lovely! VIsiting you and your shop have been real highlights for me, and inspirational. And you've inspired me here to get back to painting afar weeks away. xo

An Urban Cottage said...

What a beautiful gift!

Unknown said...

Really beautiful gift!!

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