Monday, February 9, 2015

A little whine

I was prepared to go to the shop this morning but then I remembered the parking ban and my driver Lee having to shovel out his car in Watertown to find no where to park in Somerville and Lizzie's car stuck in her drive way by her neighbor's car, and the slow running or broken train system, not to mention digging myself out and sliding down the the road to the market.

But I won't show you woeful photos of the snow banks to further depress my readers here in New England.  Rather, I'll try and perk us all up with some Spring pics and the beautifully packaged and labeled sweet pea paks I received from Floret last week.

Hopefully, they'll grow into something like these:

photographed by our friend Andy Ryan

Our Valentine's Day window display

And more Spring; it will come!  


farm buddy said...

I like your sweet pea flowers! I grow those too!

webb said...

Sounds like you might as well enjoy one more day at home ... you will be plenty busy the rest of the week.

Jen said...

Hey whine all you want! Maybe I'll try growing sweet peas this year. Love our flower pictures--thank you. And the window looks achingly beautiful. xo

Amelia said...

You deserve a little wine! Maybe I'll try growing sweetpeas too.

flwrjane said...

Hey send me some of those seeds and I'll give it a shot too!

How was today? Did you get the shop open? Go to the market? Stock up on milk and bread?

Those tulips are ah maz ing.

And your window is a delight.

Keep us posted.

xo J

Melvin Graf said...

Nice arrangement of flowers!!!

Shwetablog said...