Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day blog hopping

I spent the good part of my holiday morning grazing through Blog Land, tracing my steps back from one blog to the blog that sent me to that one and on and on for the better part of two hours, and what I discovered was a lot of Blogger Mea Culpas for not blogging much.  And this brings me to my rather extended absence from my own blog, with explanation rather than apologies.  (I was inspired by Jane at who recently posted after declaring the end of her blogging).

I won't blame Instagram, but as I am a visual person I must say that posting photos with few words suits me very well, not to mention all the other pics I enjoy hourly.

I do however have plenty to report on a daily basis but it isn't always shop related and since this blog is my attempt at staying on top of Social Media for the business, I wonder if prospective brides will care much for dog and rabbit photos if they're looking for centerpieces and bouquets.   I have managed a sort of hybrid relationship to my blog, posting the Personal (knee operations) and the Professional.
Truth is, the Personal is engaging me more these days but I fear it won't necessarily engage brides and prospective clients looking for a new florist.

Maybe using the blog like a big Instagram could be the ticket.  At least until I start my Personal blog and write about Lucretius and Virgil and The Georgics and being accused of misusing one of my favorite words: Latifundia.

In the meantime.

Pink Wisteria in my garden

House flowers delivered today

Mock up bouquet last week

Good dog Addie

Photo of a photo


Amelia said...

I love love love your flower pictures, I try to duplicate them, unsuccessfully. BUt I miss the rabbits, donkeys and, of course, Addie. Don't stay away too long.

Shelley said...

Thank you Amelia! Do you see in the last post how saturated the color is? Not good. I'm still trying to figure out my camera, but a definite is no flash and no artificial light. Now if I can just figure out the damn settings on the camera: I'm a slow, slow study.

Alicia said...

I miss your blog!

Jen said...

I want to take an nap on the yellow couch. Addie can join me.

flwrjane said...

I think your pictures, as well as those flowers, are just beautiful.

And I love everything you share, well of course I do.

I'm joining Jen. I love that fabric!

xo J

Une femme de Denver, Colorado said...

What a lovely entry; the wisteria are out of this world. And after the Winter you all suffered through, you deserve every bit of green & colors. Please don't stop Blogging; my online visits to your darling shop bring great cheer. Can I get there on the 77 T bus
from Arlington? I'll be back in October if I'm allowed to bring my four year old grandson, who loves bunnies.
Cheers from Denver

Lori Skoog said...

Nice to see a new post. Love the photographs, as usual. Did you have knee surgery? Hope all is well and that you get very busy in your shop.

marlowe said...

I want to hear about what you're reading :)!

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Unknown said...

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