Sunday, September 13, 2015

Of an age

This Sunday is a rainy pajama day (except for harvesting dahlias later)  and time to take stock of what's going on at Bow Street Flowers.

For twelve years we've been pretty much a full service florist.  We've planted up seasonal containers,  strung lights and garlands on gates and in shrubs, set up Christmas trees and and hung wreaths and ribbons throughout client's homes.  This along with daily deliveries, weddings, corporate events and walk-in trade.

Now, after twenty five years in this business, all I really want to do is this:

On our door is a sign that says:  'we are a floral design studio that is open to the public....' And that pretty much sums it up.  Floral design is what I love most and at a certain age, I can edit out all the tasks that I'm not passionate about. ( except for paper work:  this will always be with me).

We've had the pleasure of designing some lovely weddings these last few years and there are many more on the horizon.  All of the Brides have been so sweet to work with and so appreciative  I am reminded that they are the primary reason we do this.

When I remake a Bride's bouquet or a delivery arrangement three or four times I am constantly learning more about flowers and how they behave, what they need to shine their best and how I help them do it.  It is never a rote process and sometimes it's slow.   And that is why I no longer care to distribute my creative energy beyond my world of cut flower design.

It's bittersweet to say farewell to some dear clients (you know who you are). But I've passed them along to the brightest and best in Boston and I know they are in good hands.

I'll be expanding the 'garden' for cut flowers this year.  We had two raised beds built last Spring but I don't think the flowers did as well as they did in the ground, so I'm preparing two long beds for more dahlias, and some perennials I'm deciding on. The raised beds will be for vegetables.

Lots of weddings this month and in October and folks coming back from vacation.  And so many beautiful flowers.