Monday, November 9, 2015


My last post seems to have caused some confusion.   To clear things up, please all, be advised that we are:

still in the wedding and event business.

still taking daily orders for delivery of flower presents.

still open daily except for Sundays (we are open Sundays in December).

The only element of our business that has changed is the outdoor holiday decorating and tree delivery.  Otherwise,  we are in the shop selling flowers and booking weddings.

Thank you to the Mother of the Bride for bringing the confusion to my attention.

Boston Public Library


Amelia said...

I was not confused, understood exactly what you said (wrote). Does this make me a genius :)? No, I just read it twice.

Elizabeth Stratton said...

It is a very good side of you that you have cleared the confusion in the next post itself. I liked it. Keep posting an interesting articles like you do always.. Thanks :)

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